NYCUDL January Debate Educators Conference (DebateCon XI) has ended

Warisha Siddiqui

Queens High School for the Sciences
Warisha Siddiqui is currently a senior at Queens High School for the Sciences at York College. Warisha has been participating in the debate team since my freshmen year of high school and has participated in various NYCUDL tournaments with a number of team and individual speaker awards. Warisha has also volunteered to judge at numerous tournaments in middle schools and high schools. She intends to study international relations and public policy. Since junior year, Warisha and her partner became the captains of the debate team. As captains, they established a system of support by holding mock debates, moderating discussions based on the resolution, and personally reviewing cases. We work together to foster a welcoming and nurturing environment for the next generation of debaters at QHSS.